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Help for Sore, Irritated, Infected Ears/Ear Canals

By Curtis Dickinson

Editor: You’ve probably read some of Curtis’ thoughts here in the past, and I bet you’ve been impressed with what he has to say. His latest article (below) discusses how to cure and prevent ear canal soreness and irritation due to the use of hearing aids. I’m betting that a lot of you will be emailing Curtis to thank him for this pain-relieving article! You can contact him at Hearmeco@earthlink.net, or visit his website at:


Do your ears tend to get sore or irritated? Is it then painful to insert the earmolds? It happens to me. Because of my need for tight earmolds to offset whistling from my powerful BTE hearing aids and my tendency to sleep with my hearing aids in the ear, they do get sore at times. And if I continue to insert earmolds in the ears before the soreness goes away, they’ll become infected and the pain can rise to excruciating levels.

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