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Male Precum (Pre ejaculate, Cowper’s Fluid) 

Can women get pregnant from pre-cum foreplay dribble leakage?

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What Is Guys Wet Precum Leaking Semen Fluid?

Smooth muscle contraction forces semen fluid through the urethra located in the penis corpora muscles. The urethra houses and transmits urine to the exterior as well. The question that is asked frequently is how can two different substances travel through the urethra channel without contaminating both?The answer is because of precum seminal sperm fluid, a lubricating, clear, sticky formula, cleans the urethra before a guy’s ejaculation. The fluid is usually secreted (discharged causing a leaking effect) by Cowper’s glands during masturbation, foreplay or at an early stage during sexual arousal, some time before the man reaches orgasm and semen is ejaculated.

Do all guys have precum leaking? or Do all Guys have precum seminal seeps & dripping?

Cowper’s gland dripping semen fluid is normal for all guys, unless he has some kind of penile, or prostate problem. It seeps prostatic fluid, also lubricates the penis during intercourse – a normal component of wet ejaculation seminal fluid (it’s the base fluid for sperm, which need something to carry them and to buffer the female’s vagina’s pH to a suitable value that will let them survive long enough to travel into the uterus and up to the Fallopian Tubes)

Can a woman get pregnant from foreplay precum?

Cowper’s precum semen leaking lubricating fluid can contain small amounts of sperm content, but is a very minimal amount. There seems to be some dispute about whether the foreplay leaking pre-cum sperm content can cause pregnancy,… but I wouldn’t take the chance – use contraception, birth control pills and don’t rely on a fellows penile withdrawal before ejaculation. Also, some sperm may still be in the penis from previous ejaculation.

Can a partner get a STD?

Can a partner get AIDS/HIV, STD? Medical Advice

A study in Boston, Massachusetts, and another study in New York City examined samples of pre ejaculate (precum) dripping fluid from HIV/STD seropositive and AIDS/HIV seronegative men to determine whether HIV was or was not present in pre ejaculate fluid. The researchers found macrophages and CD4 lymphocytes in most samples, indicating that HIV was present.

Precum can carry other STDs including gonorrhea and chlamydia (The Clap).

What are the Pre cum Facts?

What Are The Pre Cum Parasympathetic Nerve Arousal Medical Facts?

For people with weak parasympathetic sexual nerves, 20-30 minutes of foreplay arousal can drain their bodies stored sexual energy, referred to as “bio-energy”. Once the bio electric voltage in the parasympathetic nerve runs low, the penis will become limp and hang.

Long foreplay teasing requires a powerful testosterone burst that burns continuously to charge the parasympathetic erection circuit. Otherwise, the erection will go limp and weak or a man will climax upon penetration or in a short time after few strokes.

Men who experience weak erections often rely on the tightening of the PC muscles in order to keep the erection alive. This puts added stress on the prostate gland and trains the PC muscles to contract, mimicking a state of orgasm that will open the ejaculation valve prematurely, allowing semen to leak (pre ejaculate). This contributes to premature ejaculation. Therefore, a firm erection is absolutely necessary when it comes to fighting premature ejaculation and seminal leaking (pre-cum) discharge.

However, to hold the erection up and tighten the ejaculation valve, you still need a basic resting potential in the parasympathetic sexual motoring nerve and a continuous burst and burning of testosterone to charge the nerves during sex. Testicular stimulation during sexual intercourse can help the testosterone burst and burning to increase the penile power and combat seminal leakage discharge that often contributes to premature ejaculation not to mention embarrassment in front of a sexual partner.

By improving the quality of a man’s penile erection, giving more natural testosterone as fuel for the parasympathetic sexual nerve, feeding the tissues and nerves with nutrients and hormones, and strengthening the ejaculate valve, a man can overcome seminal dripping and no doubt conquer other sexual problems associated with oozing precum.

Fellows Precum Oozing Dribble Discharge Experiences Posts

  • Semen sperm leaking precum dribble problem
    What I do is, I ordered some Plan B pills on the internet and any time there is a problem, a question if a girl is going to get pregnant after we have sex, I give her the Plan B pill to take within 72 hours to prevent pregnancy problems if she approves.
  • What is Male Penis Precum Clear Fluid?
    when im aroused i get a clear fluid that just comes from my erected penis its not much but is this normal its clear i believe its from be aroused, i do cum when i have sexual intercourse and its the normal color, just wanted to know if this is from being excited.
  • Leaking a lot of penis pre-ejaculatory semen cum fluid!
    I just couldn’t stop staring at this one girl. So I was getting fully horny on and off….
  • Do all men precum, and can a woman get pregnant from this, precum? 
    Semen leakage is a sign of the weakening of the parasympathetic nerve that keeps the ejaculation valve closed and helps to maintain an erection. If this electrical feedback loop develops a problem, eventually erectile dysfunction can develop.
  • Too much precum leakage, Prostate & Bulbourethral Glands Pre-seminal Sperm Fluid
    Have never known a guy to have as much precum seminal fluid leakage as my boyfriend. I know some is normal, but this much?
  • What is Male Penis Precum Clear Seminal Fluid?
    When males become aroused, there is a clear fluid that is emitted from the tip of a man’s penis called Cowper’s Fluid that just “naturally” comes out.

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