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About Levitra

Levitra (vardenafil HC1) is an oral prescription medication for men that is used to treat erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence. Levitra works by increasing blood flow to the penis when the patient is sexually stimulated. This heightened blood flow fills two chambers in the man’s penis and creates an erection. The medication provides for penile suitability for sexual activity and enables longer duration of the erection. The Food and Drug Administration has approved oral use of Levitra by men for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Pharmacies are also approved for selling Levitra online.

Whether buying Levitra online or in a pharmacy, do not combine this medication with other treatments for erectile dysfunction. To prevent risk of side effects, this impotency prescription should be taken exactly as the doctor advised. When buying Levitra online, always use the same caution and follow prescriptions as one would if the product is purchased in a brick-and-mortar pharmacy.

Levitra is available in different doses ranging from 2.5mg to 20mg. Most doctors prescribe a first dose of 10mg to gauge the patient’s reaction to Levitra and as a baseline for determination of the perfect dosage for that particular man. Only one tablet of Levitra can be taken within a 24-hour period.

Men over age 65 or those with liver problems may be started on a lower dose and may be restricted to one tablet every 72 hours. The same is true for people with prostate problems, high blood pressure, men on alpha-blockers or others with potential risk factors.

Belonging to a class of drugs known as “PDE5 inhibitors,” any prescribed patient can buy Levitra online. Buying Levitra online is a more discreet manner of purchasing this product and allows for greater patient anonymity.

Using Levitra

Tablets for Levitra are available in 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg doses. Each tablet is taken orally approximately one hour before desired sexual activity. The individual patient can determine whether he prefers to take Levitra on an empty stomach or with food. More information about other patient preferences in taking the drug with or without food can be found by searching for information about Levitra online.

If Levitra is taken several times without successful penis erection or with other unsatisfactory results, the prescribing doctor should be consulted. The dose may need adjustment in a new erectile dysfunction patient. Sometimes, a few dosage changes are required as the physician and patient work together to determine what works best for that individual. By searching for information about Levitra online, one patient can see through Levitra reviews that others have gone through dosage changes to better suit their specific needs.

Even men with serious ongoing conditions such as diabetes or those who have had a radical prostatectomy can still benefit from Levitra and the ease of buying Levitra online while shopping for their other health treatments. Although results from the medication vary from one erectile dysfunction patient to another, buying Levitra online maintains privacy for all patients.

Buying Levitra Online vs. Other PDE5 Inhibitors

There are other medications like Levitra on the market for treatment of impotence. Of those approved by the FDA and deemed safe to use, all of them are widely available for purchase. A patient can enjoy privacy while buying medications composed of PDE5 inhibitors tadalafil, vardenafil hydrochloride trihydrate, avanafil and sildenafil under trademarked names such as Levitra, online.

All of these medications work the same as Levitra to create and sustain an erection, increasing blood flow into the penis during sexual stimulation. Although they all work the same as Levitra and are FDA approved, the five available erectile dysfunction medications provide slightly different results. Each patient must individually decide with his physician which drug works best for his body and whether that one will be Levitra. Patients can read Levitra reviews and compare the other four drugs to Levitra online.

Levitra works an hour or so longer than drugs comprised of sildenafil. According to Levitra online reviews, many patients want that extra hour. Both Levitra and sildenafil medications take effect in under an hour, allowing for maximum convenience when desiring to engage in sexual activity with less planning and more spontaneity.

Tadalafil medications work faster than Levitra by taking effect in just 15 minutes, but tadalafil is effective for up to 36 hours. This can be a longer duration than many men desire and is much longer than the more realistically timed Levitra. Avanafil medication is similar to tadalafil based prescriptions in providing effect in 15 minutes, with results up to six hours. Vardenafil-based medications are all similar to Levitra in effect, as Levitra is also comprised of vardenafil, but the other trademarked brand is an orally disintegrating tablet form.

According to Levitra reviews from patients using the product, many prefer the somewhat quick reaction of Levitra. They also like its manageable time frame of effect. Users consider both aspects of Levitra use easy to integrate into regular life and desired sexual activity, as reported by patient discussions of Levitra online.

If a Levitra patient does not experience success with their prescription, the prescribing physician is the best resource for determination of treatment options. Prescriptions for Levitra are not interchangeable with the other four erectile dysfunction medications when buying Levitra online or in a store, but the doctor can determine if trying one of the other brands is appropriate and might garner results. Generally, if Levitra does not work at all for a man, he will likely not see results from the other medications. Information about Levitra online may help the patient in these discussions with his doctor.

Dispelling Myths About Levitra

When buying Levitra online, remember that the medication is not a “super pill” or one that creates sexual desire. When shopping for Levitra online, plenty of ads can be found that discuss “miracle pills” available as an option to Levitra. There are no such miracles, and safe use of Levitra as prescribed by a doctor is preferable and far safer than a so-called miracle drug full of mystery and risk.

Desire for sexual activity is a key part of what makes this pill successful. A man’s natural desire for sexual stimulation and the stimulation itself work together to create the optimum environment for Levitra to work. Taking Levitra will not increase sexual appetite, and it is not an aphrodisiac.

Contrary to popular belief, Levitra itself will not create an erection. After the pill is ingested, the penis must be sexually stimulated. Taking Levitra should also not create an erection that remains erect for hours. If the erection lasts over four hours, the Levitra patient should contact medical personnel or seek medical attention immediately. There are some discussions about this side effect that can be discovered when reading about erectile dysfunction medications like Levitra online.

Side Effects of Levitra

Some heart issues such as angina, a symptom of heart disease that causes pain in the chest and other areas of the body, may make a man a poor candidate for Levitra use. This is often true, as those suffering from angina may be taking nitrate medications to treat the heart problem. When buying Levitra online, ensure the prescribing doctor has been made fully aware of the patient’s full medical history and a physical has been conducted.

Individuals with health problems that prohibit safe sexual activity should not buy Levitra online or in a store, unless the prescribing doctor is fully aware of all health problems and deems sexual activity as safe for the heart or other organs of concern. Sexual activity itself can put added strain on an already weakened heart affected by heart disease or a prior attack.

Before buying Levitra online, talk to the prescribing physician about any allergies. Vardenafil is the active ingredient in Levitra. If there is a history of allergic reaction to vardenafil or other component of Levitra, the prescription should not be filled in-store, and the patient should not buy Levitra online.

Men experiencing uncontrolled blood pressure should not take Levitra or buy Levitra online. Doctors are usually thorough in screening for such issues before prescribing the erectile dysfunction treatment. Regardless, ensure your blood pressure is steadily within a normal range before accepting a prescription and purchasing Levitra online.

Besides not being recommended for those with high blood pressure, Levitra is also unsafe if mixed with certain other medications. Some drugs cause a serious drop in blood pressure when mixed with Levitra. That drop can be indicated through dizziness, fainting, heart attack or stroke. Inform the doctor about all current medications before filling a Levitra online prescription. If all has been cleared through the doctor, then there can peace of mind for the patient buying Levitra online.

Once approved to take Levitra without expected side effects, always be aware of when Levitra was last ingested. In the event of a health issue or during emergency medical care, it is important to advise medical responders of Levitra use and when that last dose was taken.

In healthy, low risk use of Levitra, there are still common side effects that a patient may experience. Most commonly, headaches, nasal congestion, runny nose, digestive issues, dizziness and back pain are experienced after Levitra is used. Not all men experience these issues. Side effects like these usually diminish within a few hours.

Priapism is an uncommon but known side effect of men using Levitra, whether they bought the product in store or bought Levitra online. Priapism is an erection that will not go away on its own. Any erection that remains for more than four hours requires medical attention. Not treating priapism can cause lasting damage to the penis, if such treatment is not provided as soon as possible.

Vision changes can indicate a possible adverse reaction to PDE5 inhibitors such as those within Levitra. Sudden loss of hearing can also be an indication of a problem with use of erectile dysfunction medication. Ringing ears should also lead to a call to the prescribing doctor. Although none of these issues are proven to be caused by Levitra or other erectile dysfunction drug use, it may be wise to seek medical attention when experiencing side effects.

Levitra is never authorized for use by women, whether purchased in store or when buying Levitra online. The medication is not shown to cause any negative issues for pregnant women. However, it is not yet known if Levitra passes into breast milk to nursing babies.

For ultimate safety when buying Levitra online, consult the prescribing physician regarding any possible side effects. Also, read information provided at shopping web sites when buying Levitra online.

Buying Levitra Online

When shopping for Levitra online and seeking Levitra coupons, take some time to read provided information about the medication as well as Levitra reviews. Others’ experiences may be a good indicator of the expected outcome in a new patient’s purchase of Levitra online. Levitra reviews can also provide a glimpse into how well the medication works.

A benefit of buying Levitra online is undoubtedly the privacy afforded patients. Rather than having to face local pharmacy staff and feel they are too aware of personal treatments, buying Levitra online provides the ultimate in anonymity. Many patients take erectile dysfunction medications, so there is no reason to feel embarrassed or ashamed when buying such drugs. However, among men with an inherent desire to maintain privacy, buying Levitra online is likely the best option.

Storing Levitra

Erectile dysfunction medications like Levitra must be maintained in their original containers, such as those received by the patient when buying Levitra online. Even more important is keeping ED drugs away from children and safely out of their reach. Levitra should be stored away from excess heat and moisture. The bathroom medicine cabinet, because of moisture generated by baths and showers, is not a good location for Levitra to be stored. All unused tablets must be discarded, whether they are expired or the patient did not utilize all of the pills ordered when buying Levitra online.

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