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Venous Leakage Treatment Solutions


Correcting Venous Leakage Soft Erections

Correcting Venous Leakage Treatment Solutions and Options:

A range of treatment solution options are available depending on individual need:

  • Testosterone hormone replacement
  • Penile constriction band and vacuum pump
  • Penile injection (“Last resort” drug treatment) stimulation for flow deficiency
  • Surgical correction by arterial and/or venous leakage surgery
  • Artificial penile implantation of device of choice Arterial reconstruction is a fairly major procedure but feasible certainly in younger guys with proven sexual health problems. This treatment solution option is rarely required.Venous leakage ligation is a relatively minor procedure, highly successful with some risk, done in a day surgery setting. This correcting method is the most acceptable treatment solution as it results in improved natural response. Offering a success rate approaching 90% with little surgical trauma, this procedure offers an attractive option.

Erectile Dysfunction Penis Vascular Disease Summary

Erectile dysfunction that responds well to drug medication such as Viagra Cialis Levitra or low Testosterone hormone treatment or other sexual performance products usually related to psychological issues rather than arterial blood flow. When the response to either natural or stimulated arousal results in a soft erection, or one which is quickly lost, the erectile dysfunction problem is more likely to be venous leakage.

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Vascular Disease symptoms is the leading cause.

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