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Lutheran Medical Center is a sophisticated, dynamic, people-oriented medical center located in a vibrant, culturally diverse urban neighborhood. It is also an important resource not only to its patients and its surrounding community but also to health professionals throughout New York City.

As a hub of research, Lutheran is the birthplace of innovations that are immediately translated into better care in our own hospital and beyond. As an outstanding training ground for the doctors of tomorrow, Lutheran ensures that the physicians it educates are fully prepared to meet the challenges of change in American health care, whether they work in private practice, for managed care organizations, or within large academic medical institutions. As a workplace, Lutheran is a supportive and rewarding environment in which medical and non-medical professionals may launch and sustain fulfilling careers. We welcome you and look forward to helping you accomplish your professional goals at Lutheran Medical Center.

Residency Programs

Lutheran HealthCare offers outstanding residency programs that combine an intensive learning experience with a friendly, supportive environment and a patient population that is broad, interesting and challenging. Our centers of excellence, including a Level One Trauma Center , Designated Stroke Center , and Cardiac Catheterization Lab, ensure that residents work in a state-of-the-art facility where compassion for our patients is our guiding principle.

1. Excellence in Training

Since its founding in 1883, Lutheran Medical Center , a nationally recognized community teaching hospital, has been committed to preparing the outstanding physicians of the future. As part of our commitment to educational excellence, we provide each of our residents with a high level of academic, professional, and personal support. We are proud of the supportive environment we foster, allowing each resident to concentrate on his or her studies from day one.

The Lutheran HealthCare system educates our residents in the most respected traditions of medicine, as well as the most advanced trends in medical technology and innovative health care delivery, including managed care, alternate-site ambulatory health care, preventative medicine, and culturally diverse community health. Lutheran training programs embrace contemporary clinical practice in a variety of settings, from our sophisticated ICUs to our satellite network of ambulatory care centers. Lutheran HealthCare offers a model of comprehensive healthcare delivery that ensures access to high-quality care and promotes well-being within the context of family and community. Lutheran is a major teaching affiliate-and its Director of Medical Education serves as Clinical Associate Dean-of the State University of New York (SUNY) Health Science Center at Brooklyn, home of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Teaching faculty in the GME programs are chosen for their professional ability and commitment to teaching, medical education, and patient care, and are eligible for faculty appointment at the State University of New York Health Sciences Center at Brooklyn. Our residents have direct daily contact with board-certified physicians, including radiologists and pathologists, who are dedicated to educating physicians in clinical practice and research discovery. Moreover, Lutheran guides its residents throughout their clinical research pursuits and helps them choose a mode of professional practice that is right for each individual.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond education in the basic scientific principles of academic medicine. Each of our residents benefits from an intensive orientation and individualized curriculum. We counsel residents about the many professional practice opportunities available today, nationally and within our own regional health system. Lutheran-trained physicians are thus fully prepared to meet the challenges of change in American health care, whether they work in private practice, for managed care organizations, or within large academic medical institutions.

Lutheran is a sophisticated, dynamic, people-oriented health care system located in a vibrant, culturally diverse urban area. We look forward to helping you launch a professionally and personally rewarding medical career.

2. Residency Training Programs

Lutheran Medical Center maintains accredited medical residency programs in the following departments:

  • Family Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • Internal Medicine
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Podiatry

“If you choose to train at Lutheran Medical Center , you will consider it the best decision you have ever made – just ask any of our residents.”

George T. Martin, M.D., Chairman

3. Accreditations and Affiliations

Lutheran Healthcare ensures that all of its graduate medical education programs meet all institutional requirements required by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, the American Osteopathic Association, the American Dental Association, the Council on Podiatric Medical Education, and the Individual Residency Review Committee.

Following is a complete list of our accreditations and affiliations:

  • Accreditations
  • Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education
  • American College of Surgeons, Surgical Weight Loss Institute (Bariatric Surgery)
  • American Dental Association
  • American Osteopathic Association
  • American Podiatric Medical Association
  • Commission on Laboratory Accreditation of the College of American Pathologists
  • Joint Commission, Family Health Centers
  • Joint Commission, Medical Center
  • Joint Commission, Stroke Center
  • Affiliations
  • Clinical
  • Maimonides Medical Center, Pediatrics
  • Mount Sinai Medical Center, Cardiac Care

State University of New York Downstate
– Anesthesiology
– Interventional Radiology


American Hospital Association

American Medical Association

Association of Hospital Medical Education

Greater New York Hospital Association

Greater New York Metropolitan Bone Bank

Healthcare Association of New York State

League of Voluntary Hospitals

National Association of Urban Hospitals

United Hospital Fund of New York

4. Education Affiliations

City University of New York – Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Engineering

College of Staten Island

Columbia University
– College of Dentistry
– College of Nursing
– School of Public Health

Hunter College of Nursing

Kingsborough Community College

Long Island University

New York City College of Technology

New York College of Osteopathic Medicine

New York College of Podiatric Medicine

New York University – College of Dentistry

New York University – Wagner Graduate School of Public Service

St. John’s University

St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Centers of New York – Emergency Medical Technician Institute

State University of New York Health Science Center at Brooklyn, Major Teaching Affiliate

State University of New York Health Science Center at Stony Brook, Paramedic Program

Staten Island Emergency Medical Technician Training Program

Wagner College – School of Nursing.

5. Resident Testimonials

“I decided to do my residency at Lutheran because I come from Burma and knew a lot of residents here. I knew that the residency program was a busy one where I could learn a lot. So far I am enjoying my residency very much.”

-Ya Li Lin, M.D. First year resident, Medicine

“I chose to complete my residency at Lutheran Medical Center because it is one of the fastest growing programs in New York and I wanted to be a part of such a fundamentally challenging and exciting program.”

– Ma Aye Aye Moe, M.D.

Second year resident, Family Practice

“I chose to do my residency at Lutheran for two reasons. The fact that its Trauma Center is a Level One unit had a big impact. The other reason I chose Lutheran was the cultural diversity. The diversity allows exposure to a wide variety of disease processes.”

-Tanja Gunsberger, D.O.

Third year resident, Surgery

“I am very happy with my choice to complete my residency at Lutheran Medical Center in part because of the great attending physicians. They are all extremely involved in the program and offer invaluable advice and welcome the opportunity to share their knowledge. In addition, during my two years as a resident at Lutheran, I have been able to take part in a large number of cases that have offered me exposure to many different surgical procedures.”

-Dennis Orr, D.O.

Second year resident, Surgery

  1. A Sophisticated Health System

Lutheran HealthCare is a community-based health system that anticipates and meets the rapidly changing needs of our multicultural community in southwest Brooklyn. Together, the 476-bed Lutheran Medical Center, the 240-bed Lutheran Augustana Center for Extended Care and Rehabilitation, and the 9-facility Lutheran Family Health Centers network are the principal components of our comprehensive delivery system. Moreover, the Lutheran HealthCare owns and operates one of New York ‘s largest Medicaid HMOs.

Residents find that the large and varied faculty of Lutheran HealthCare offers an intensive teaching program that is very structured and very supportive. Our patients represent a very broad variety of cultures, ages, and medical concerns. Residents enjoy the opportunity to work with renowned experts in the Level I Trauma Center, Designated Stroke Center, catheterization lab. Recently, we have placed residents in fellowships throughout the country including SUNY Downstate (where we offer a collaborative gastroenterology fellowship), New York University Medical Center, and Brooklyn Hospital (where we offer a collaborative hemotology/oncology fellowship.)

Lutheran Medical Centers offers a digitalized, computerized radiology system that allows staff to share information throughout the system; a computerized laboratory system, and a brand new, beautiful emergency room that is comfortable for patients and physicians alike.

  1. Core Values

Lutheran Healthcare, its senior administration, and teaching staff are committed to excellence in its graduate medical education programs and care of patients. We believe that our GME programs lead not only to producing the next generation of superior clinicians, but to improved quality of care for the patients in our facilities. The presence of quality educational programs plays an integral role in the ability of Lutheran to meet its mission and accomplish its goals.

We believe our only reason for being is to serve our neighbors. We believe and live by these
core values:

  • Compassion – Our actions are based on the actual needs of others
  • Dignity – We treat people with fairness and respect
  • Integrity – We are consistent and accept responsibility for our actions
  • Service – Our actions demonstrate that patients’ and others’ needs take priority
  1. Directors
  • Savitri R. Birla, M.D., Executive Director of Laboratories and Pathology
  • George Ferzli, M.D., Senior Vice President and Chair of Surgery
  • Daniel Giaccio, M.D., Program Director, Internal Medicine
  • Bradford Goff, M.D., Senior Vice President and Chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Sciences
  • Fausto Vinces, D.O., Chief of Trauma/Critical Care and Program Director, General Surgery Residency Program
  • Iffath Hoskins, M.D., Senior Vice President and Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Jeffrey Lucido, D.P.M., Program Director, Podiatry
  • Claudia L. Lyon, D.O., Senior Vice President and Chair of Family Practice
  • George T. Martin, M.D., Senior Vice President and Chair of Medicine
  • Jayanth Rao, M.D., Senior Vice President and Chair of Radiology
  • Beth Raucher, M.D., Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President for Quality Initiatives
  • Audrey Saitta, M.D., Senior Vice President and Chair of Radiation Oncology
  • Bonnie Simmons, D.O., Senior Vice President and Chair of Emergency Medicine
  • Lance W. Wagner, M.D., Senior Vice President and Chair of Anesthesiology
  1. About Brooklyn

With more than three million residents, Brooklyn is the largest of the five boroughs that make up New York City and the fourth largest American city. Brooklyn is traditionally one of the first stopping points for immigrants to the United States , and in fact, one of every seven Americans can trace his or her family roots back to Brooklyn .

Brooklyn residents have a strong sense of community, enjoying family life in seven distinct neighborhoods, including Sunset Park with its magnificent view of the New York skyline, Bay Ridge with its 19th century Italianate mansions and Verrazano Narrows Bridge , and Park Slope, which slopes upward from the Gowanus Canal to Prospect Park and features a lovely section of landmark homes.

Brooklyn is home to many internationally recognized cultural institutions, such as the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and Brooklyn Academy of Music. Other famous areas of interest are Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Bridge , which symbolize the urban pride of all Brooklynites. Brooklyn is a vibrant, culturally diverse, economically growing community that offers its residents a wide array of housing, education, employment, cultural, and recreational opportunities, including great restaurants, intriguing shops, open parks, performing arts centers, and a fascinating aquarium.

Just a short subway or ferry ride from Brooklyn is the international excitement of Manhattan , with a never-ending array of world class museums and leading-edge theater, as well as the finest dining, shopping and recreational opportunities.

  1. Health Sciences Library

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Graduate Dental Education:

At Lutheran Medical Center we encourage today’s dental graduates to consider a residency program. Dentists, like other health care professionals practicing in this new millennium, face a much more complex environment than their predecessors. To work and flourish in this challenging milieu, dentists require a richer base of knowledge and skills than in the past. Lutheran HealthCare offers a Dental Residency Program that is comprehensive, inclusive and provides exceptional clinical opportunities.

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