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The dreaded scale: yes or no?


Happy Thursday!

How has your morning been?

Mine has been pretty relaxed. I took my time to make a nice breakfast and I am currently sipping a warm cup of pumpkin spice coffee.

A perfect way to start my morning. Smile

Breakfast was a big bowl of oats.


Cooked on the stove with chia seeds and water.

Topped with:

  • Stevia
  • Sliced Banana
  • Pumpkin Pie Spice
  • Glob of Almond Buttah
  • Cacao nibs

After this picture, I drowned my oats in Almond Milk!

Disclaimer: I am about to delve into the topic of weight and weighing yourself. All opinions stem from what I believe works for me. If this may be a triggering topic, or simply something that you you are not comfortable discussing, then please feel free to skip the rest of this post.


Let’s talk about the dreaded scale.

My morning routine usually includes the “dreaded” scale. I only say dreaded because let’s face it: the scale has a bad reputation. But I think the scale is being unnecessarily judged.

It’s not about the scale itself or even the number it spits back at you. The scale is simply a tool. A tool that can be a great aid to weight loss and weight maintenance.

During the time I was in the weight loss phase of my journey to health, the scale gave me constructive feedback. It let me know: “Hey, step up your game.” OR “Wow, great job this week.” It served as my silent motivational partner!

Once, I had reached a weight I was happy with, the scale became an aide in different way.


Now I use the scale to check my eating and exercising habits. I don’t count calories, nor do I keep track of calories burned. I eat intuitively and I believe moderation is key.

However, if I have an unhealthy eating day without exercise, the scale gives me feedback as to how that affects my body.

Is weight everything? Heck no! But it certainly plays a role.

So I chose to form a healthy relationship with the scale.

It’s worth mentioning that while I use the scale as a tool; the way my clothes fit is equally important.

I understand that many women (and men alike) do not feel this way. And that’s totally fine!

But ask yourself, is it simply the way you perceive the numbers on the scale that give it it’s dreaded name?

Even if you don’t see the number you want to see, at least you know that you need to change up your routine to get results. In my opinion, at least.

So, the burning question: To weigh or not to weigh?

Do you use a scale? If yes, how does it help you? If no, what motivated your decision to throw it out?

Have a great day guys!

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