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Masturbation Males Facts

Masturbation Males Facts

How To Male Masturbating Techniques, Tips, Facts & Stories!

Guys Too Much Self-Stimulation, Over Masturbation & Self-Gratification

  • Why Do Men Masturbate?
  • What Are The Masturbation Myths, Beliefs And Fables For Men?
  • Can Too Much Compulsive Male Masturbation Be Harmful For Men?
  • How To Male Masturbation Techniques, Tips & Advice Information!
  • Masterbate Stories, Over Masterbation Disorder For Guys Experiences
  • Poll Results: How many times do you masturbate per week?

Why Do Men Masturbate? (jerking off, jack off, hand job, beat it)

Male penile masturbation (hand job, waking, jacking off) and penis massage is the deliberate self-stimulation of one’s own penis to achieve sexual arousal for sensual self pleasure for orgasms (climax) and ejaculation.

Masturbation is done at least occasionally by a majority of both men and women.

In one recent national survey study, 95 percent of men and 89 percent of women reported having masterbated.

It is the first overt self-gratification sexual act for the majority of men and women, although more women than men engage in sexual intercourse before they ever start masterbating.

Most guys who beat-it tend to do so more often than women, and they are more likely to report always or usually experiencing orgasm when they self-stimulate (80 percent to 60 percent respectively).

It is the second most common sexual behavior (sexual intercourse being first), even for those who have a regular sexual partner.

Most children – often from the time they are infants onward – find the occasional stimulation of their genitals sensually pleasing, but do not come to understand this behavior as “sexual” until late childhood or adolescence.

During adolescence, the percentage of both sexes who report genital self-stimulation increases dramatically, especially for males. Facts show most people continue to jack off in adulthood, and many do so throughout their lives.

What are fellows masturbation myths, masturbating beliefs & fables?

The term masturbation conjures up many myths, beliefs and fables about its damaging and debasing nature for fellows.

Its negative images may be traced as far back as the word’s Latin origin, masturbare, which is a combination of two Latin words, mans (hand) and stuprare(defile), thus “to defile with the hand.”

The built-in notion of shame and uncleanliness implied by the defiling portion of the word has remained in the modern translation – even though medical authorities have been in agreement for some time that masturbation causes no physical or mental harm. Nor is there any evidence that children who engage in personal self-gratification are in any way harmed by it.

The fact that this important source of sensual sexual pleasure to cause squirts of cum is still regarded by some with guilt and anxiety is partly due to ignorance of the fact that self-pleasuring masturbation is not harmful and partly due to centuries of religious teaching that it is sinful.

In addition, many of us have received negative messages about masturbation from our parents or have even been punished when caught masturbating for self-gratification as children. The cumulative effect of these influences is usually confusion and guilt that is often difficult to sort out.

Can Too Much Compulsive Over Masturbation & Addiction Be Harmful?

  • It can be harmful when injury from over masturbating and forcefull activity is applied. Using a oil-base lubricant is adviseable.
  • It can be harmful when good penile hygiene before and after masturbation to guard against infection and disease is not applied.
  • It can be harmful when it becomes compulsive. Compulsive genital masturbation, like all other compulsive behaviors, is a symptom of an emotional problem, leads to addiction and needs to be addressed by a mental health specialist.

How To Male Penis Masterbation Techniques, Tips & Medical Advice Information!

  • It’s best to cut you finger nails when you masterbate yourself.
  • Use natural oil-based lubricants, used only for bare penises, like Wet Platinum. Other lubricants: Vaseline (petroleum jelly – not Vaseline Intensive Care hand lotion), Baby Oil Gel lubricant, Albolene (which can be found at the drug store in some parts of the U.S.), Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E in a plastic jar (don’t use the tube form).
  • You should use a moderate grip only when you masturbate for self gratification . If you squeeze too hard you could cause injury, bruising and or rupturing of superficial blood vessels on and near the surface of your penis.
  • Masturbator flashlight might be beneficial to use.
  • Always wash your penis throughly before after masturbating to guard against infection.

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