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What Is Testosterone In Men?

Testosterone is a vital sex hormone that plays an important role in fellows puberty. In men, testosterone is produced in the testicles, the reproductive glands that also produce sperm. The amount of testosterone levels produced in the testicles is regulated by the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland.

What is a hormone?

Hormones, such as testosterone, are powerful chemicals that help keep the male human body wellness working normally. The term hormone is from the Greek word, hormo, which means to set in motion. That precisely what hormones do. They stimulate, regulate, and functional control of the various tissues and organs.

Made by specialized groups of cells within structures called glands, hormones are involved in most biological processes, including sexual reproduction, growth, metabolism, and immune function.

These glands, including the pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, ovaries and testicles, release various hormones into the human body as needed.

Do testosterone levels diminish with age? Does male menopause occur?

There is scant evidence that male menopause and Andropause (produce hot flashes) which is a gradual process and not exactly the same as menopause, conditions supposedly caused by diminishing testosterone levels in aging men, exists. Guys with low levels of the male hormone testosterone is a condition known as hypogonadism.

As fellows age, their testicles often produce somewhat less testosterone than they did during adolescence and early adulthood, when production of this hormone peaks. But it is important to keep in mind that the range of normal testosterone production is large.

Many older men have testosterone levels within the normal range of healthy younger men. Others may have levels well below this wellness range. However, the likelihood that a man will ever get a major shut down of hormone production, similar to a woman’s menopause, is remote.

Fact is, many of the changes that take place in older men often are incorrectly blamed on decreasing or low testosterone levels. Some men who have erectile difficulty (impotence), for instance, may be tempted to blame this problem on lowered testosterone levels. In many cases, erectile dysfunctions/impotence are due to circulatory problems, not low testosterone levels.

Testosterone levels testing can be done though a legal licensed to prescribe pharmacy at a lab testing facility near you. No doctor’s office visit needed.

What might men benefit from testosterone treatment therapy?

Guys Testosterone treatment therapy issues remains a scientifically unproven method for preventing or relieving any physical or psychological changes that men with normal testosterone levels may feel as they get older.

Except for a relatively few younger and older men with extreme deficiencies, testosterone therapy is not deemed appropriate for most men at this time.

For the fellows whose bodies make very little amount or no testosterone for example, men whose pituitary glands have been destroyed by infections or tumors, or whose testicles have been damage supplements in the form of patches, injections, or topical gel may offer substantial benefit.

Supplements may help a man with exceptionally low testosterone levels maintain strong muscles and bones and increase sex drive.

However, more research is needed to determine what, if any, effects testosterone replacement may have in healthy older men without these extreme deficiencies issues.

For now, the risks and benefits of testosterone therapy for most guys who do not have extreme deficiencies of the hormone are unknown, and there is insufficient evidence for making well-informed decisions on whether this therapy is acceptable in these individuals.

If a prescription drug is not for you, try natural herbal alternatives!

These natural formulations not only increase libido in men, they also enhance the sexual experience and improve performance, endurance and pleasure.

What are the risks issues of using male testosterone therapy treatment?

Investigators are concerned about the long-term harmful effects that testosterone injection might have on the body. Effects could be breast tenderness or enlargement, acne, hair loss and headaches. Studies also suggest that supplementation might trigger excessive red blood cell production in some men. This side effect issue might thicken blood and increase a man’s risk of stroke.

I know someone who uses testosterone therapy and he says he feels stronger and more alive than he has in years. Is there any scientific evidence to support this claim?

Although some older men who have tried these supplements report feeling “more energetic” or “younger, testosterone supplementation remains a scientifically unproven method for preventing or relieving any physical and psychological changes that men with normal testosterone levels may experience as they get older.

Until more scientifically rigorous studies are conducted, the question of whether the benefits of testosterone replacement outweigh any of its potential negative effects will remain unanswered.

Male Testosterone Hormonal Facts

  • Testosterone is the main male hormone that maintains muscle mass and strength, fat distribution, bone mass, sperm production, sex drive, and potency.
  • Increasing testosterone levels can be accomplished with normal food.
  • Testosterone Deficiency (TD) can be congenital or acquired and may lead to erectile dysfunction and muscle and bone degeneration

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