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Tadora (tadalafil)

Launched by German Remedies, Tadora is a prominent drug in the class of Phosphodiesterace-5 (PDE5) inhibitors used for the treatment of premature ejaculation in men. Tadora is a strong oral generic version of Tadala filthat treats male impotency like no other drug and provides harder erection ideal for sexual encounter. Impotency or Erectile dysfunction occurs when blood does not flow sufficiently in men’s reproductive organ.

Tadora relaxes muscles stretching to the penile region and elevates blood circulation in them. As a result, a stiffer and long erection is attained suitable for anenergetic sex session.

Yellow-colored Tadora is available at market shelves in the dose preparation of 20 mg. A pill of Tadora must be consumed 30 or 60 minutes before the planned sexual activity, when you are already sexually stimulated. Take Tadora with a glass of water and see its effects visible on your body within 30 minutes. Tadora can be taken with or without food, but do not eat spicy, heavy meals as it makes absorption little tough for the body. The effect of Tadora remains for 36-48 hours. Consume Tadora just once in a day or consult your doctor for knowing the best dose for you. Being an over-the-counter drug, you can buy it without doctor’s prescription.


Umpteen friends of the same age as mine have appreciated Tadora for its commendable sexual benefits. I decided to give it a shot when my wife urged me to have it. I instantly placed an order with online Canadian pharmacy and I received the drug at cheap prices. Initially, I got mild headaches and unusual back pain, but now it is perfectly awesome to have. (Rating : 9/10)

I owe to Tadora for salvaging for relationship. Truly a great inventive drug! Buy it now to entice your girl. (Rating : 9/10)

I can never forget those dizzy moments that lasted for 15-20 minutes caused by Tadora. I felt pathetically pathetic. When I purchased it online, I never thought it could leave such an impact. But thankfully, it doesn’t occur much frequently now. But the positive impacts of the drug are creditable. (Rating : 8/10)

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