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NABN (National Association of Bariatric Nurses)

National Association of Bariatric Nurses

The National Association of Bariatric Nurses was formed in 2004 out of a recognized need for the nursing profession to dedicate resources, knowledge, and research towards improving the life and nursing care of people suffering from obesity.

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About NABN

Despite the alarming prevalence of obesity in the united states, nursing literature lacks sufficient research based evidence to guide nursing care of the morbidly obese and promote safe work practices.

The Mission of the NABN

“Advance the health and quality of life of individuals and families experiencing obesity and to promote best practices of holistic nursing care for bariatric patients and their families”

Membership in the NABN

NABN members include nursing and allied health professionals who are interested in learning and sharing knowledge about the care, treatment, and intervention of health related problems caused by obesity.

Healthcare professionals join the NABN because they possess or seek unique knowledge about the care and treatment of obese clients and the disease of obesity. Join us as we strive to improve the lives and healthcare of millions of obese children and adults.

NABN Conference Program

The elected officers and board members of the NABN

  • President: Dr. Mary Ann Rose, RN, EdD. (NC)
  • Vice President: Dan Drake, RN, MSN (NC)
  • Secretary: Jane Harper, RN, MSN (OH)
  • Treasurer: Jewel Hardy, RN, BSN (NC)
  • Hillary Blackwood RN, MSN (NC) Kim Joyner, RN (NC)
  • Susan Butler, RN (NC) Marua McAuliffe, RN, PhD (NC)
  • Melissa Davis, RN, MSN (AZ) Laurie McGinley, RN (NV)
  • Stephanie Dean, RN, BSN (NC) Kate Reinhardt, RN (MD)
  • Susan Gallagher Camden, RN, MSN, PhD. (TX) Teresa Remaley, RN (NC)

Meeting of the NABN

We are pleased to announce our upcoming conference in beautiful Williamsburg Virginia. Please visit and enjoy presentations, exhibits, networking, and the sights and sounds of Colonial Williamsburg.

About the 3rd Annual Conference, November 11th, 12th, 13th, 2006

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2006 Featured Speakers

Speaker Topic

  • Dr. Robin Blackstone M.D. Where are we today in the care of the obese?
  • Dr. Joy Bunt M.D. PhD A multidisciplinary approach to understanding human obesity.
  • Mr. William Gourash, RN, MSN The Nurse Competency Examination by the ASBS

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